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Sailing On The Unknown Sea

September 7, 2011

Everyday in life, we walk close to the water’s edge.  And now, after four years, we continue to sail on the Unknown Sea.


Another Day & I Breathe in Life

October 25, 2007

Green Tea Bushland

Crossing the Unknown Sea

September 6, 2007

We are ready to set our sail on another ocean without star or compass to guide us. We are going where courage, strength and hope lead us. We are going where there is a shattering of the certainties we have known and come to understand. And as we are crossing this unknown sea we know that we carry the friendship and love of many in our hearts.   This is what will guide us.  We are not afraid.

The Inner Voice Brings Light

September 6, 2007

Green Tea Light

Today I find myself becoming centered and quiet. It is a time for reflection and giving thanks for the gifts of my Green Tea Dreams. I feel rich on this journey.  I feel ready to cross my unknown sea.  I feel the energy of many.   I see the light of many supporting this journey.