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Stalking An Intruder in My Green Tea Dream

October 29, 2007

Green Tea Light


Green Tea is a Matter of Being

October 28, 2007

Running Horses

I continue to learn every minute that the hands that are guiding me are the hands of character and not a matter of my intellect.

Learning to Become One

October 28, 2007


The hand that guides me is learning to be one with my Green Tea Dream. My Dragon has become my protector. I know that My Dragon is not about my fears. My Dragon is now part of my learning curve of gratitude. My Dragon is making me rich on my journey. When I first encountered this Dragon, I was full of fear. I had listened to what others had said about their Dragons and the battles. It has been a struggle to not see My Dragon as an enemy rather one that can guide me and be a protector on this journey on our Unknown Shore. I am now there. I am learning to be one with My Dragon.

Another Way to See My Dragon

October 27, 2007

The hand that guides my brush has already caught and executed what floated by in my mind at the very same moment in time that my mind began to form the image of a dragon. And in the end, I no longer know whether it was in my mind of hand that created this Dragon that is my protector. I do know that this Dragon is not to be feared.   This dragon will become my protector on my journey.  Now the only fear I know is fear itself.

Today I Met the Dragon

October 27, 2007

Green Tea Dragon

In my Green Tea Dream, I am reminded that I want to find a way to work with the Dragon. The Dragon will be with me during the next several months on this cancer journey. I need not be afraid of this Dragon on this journey. It is the simple things that make my life so rich.

Another Day & I Breathe in Life

October 25, 2007

Green Tea Bushland

It’s About What You Do With Green Tea Dreams

October 16, 2007

Green Tea Apples

It is what I do with my stories that makes the difference. It is also how my stories affect others. I can find myself only when I find a place for others. When I find a place for the outsiders in my stories I find myself. In the end, it is all stories. Stories is what we have.

Standing on the Summit

October 13, 2007

Summit Kilamanjaro

On October 13, 2007 at 5:20 am local time, Harold Mah summitted Mount Kilimanjaro. The final ascent to the summit took the team 5 hours. Standing on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a story of reaching the top of a mountain with the help of many and remembering I am not alone.

Green Tea Leaves

October 10, 2007

Green Tea Berries

The gift of Green Tea Dreams helps me understanding and illuminate who I am.

Finding My Way in A Green Tea Dream

October 9, 2007

Green Tea Ball

It is the poet, the maker of Green Tea Dreams, that blends the meaning of words and weaves them into what becomes my world. It is in the language of my Green Tea Dreams that has a way of drawing people together and finding our place in the world. It is the making of my Green Tea Dreams that become stories and lends words to my sense of reality.