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Celebrating Joy in a Green Tea Dream

September 30, 2007

Dragonfly Green Tea


Learning To Forgive in My Green Tea Dream

September 29, 2007

Quiet Meditation

You Can’t Stop It From Coming

September 28, 2007

Green Tea Hills

Sunlight Brings a New Day

September 23, 2007

Green Tea Lantern

Beyond the Horizon

September 21, 2007

Roadless Roads

When I travel on the road to a roadless area,
it never remain roadless for long

Reflections on My Green Tea Dreams

September 20, 2007

Green Tea

Whoever wants to know about me
must observe carefully & then they can see who I am.

Reflections on a Grey Day

September 20, 2007

Green Tea Lantern

I know I will appreciate this grey day
It is also my learning curve of gratitude

Reflections Inside My Green Tea Dream

September 19, 2007

Green Tea Corn

My Green Tea Dreams are really quite extraordinarily simply as long as I don’t try to analyze them or beat around the bush with them! This is my learning curve of gratitude.

Reflecting on Green Tea Dreams

September 18, 2007

Green Tea Reflections

Whoever wants to know something about me must observe carefully.

Reflections on Sun Shine in Green Tea Dream

September 15, 2007

Green Tea Barn