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Being Silient With the Black Madonna

August 30, 2007

Black Madonna

When I am not sure, I am most alive. When I cannot speak then I must remain silent. I must find a way to have the Black Madonna in my heart and begin the healing.


Strength Through Courage

August 27, 2007


Drinking Green Tea With Friendship

August 25, 2007

A China Cup

One of the most attractive things I know about Green Tea is being able to share it with a someone who is a friend. To share the experience of friendship makes it grows each day. Green Tea Dreams are my source of meditations on joy, love and courage. And because Green Tea Dreams are also about my journey I know that each step will be shared. I know I will never drink Green Tea alone. I know I will always share it in friendship.

A Leaf Breathes Life into My Silent Land

August 25, 2007

Green Tea Apple

When I study what the apple leaf can teach me I know there is so much to learn everyday . I know that man is not the only one seeking enlightenment. There is wisdom everywhere in the silence.

Another Candle Brings Light

August 25, 2007

Zen Yoji Temple

Each day I feel another candle bringing light to my world during the time of this diffcult journey. This is the Zen Yoji Temple where one more candle carries the light of positive energy and hope into the heavens. The light is the gift of courage and friendship.

The Richness of Dialogue

August 23, 2007

Green Tea Corn

The Storm Passes & The Light Returns

August 22, 2007

Green Tea Storm

An Oak Bears an Acorn The Vine A Gourd

August 21, 2007

Green Tea

Walking Meditation & Green Tea Dreams

August 20, 2007

Quiet Meditation

Another Green Tea Dream

August 19, 2007

Breadfruit Tree