Only Moments of Wisdom

There are no holy places & no holy people.

Green Tea Bushland

There are only holy moments & only moments of wisdom

I am looking  for the landmarks that are the moments of wisdom on my journey. There is much movement during a walking meditation as my bare feet connect with the earth and I become grounded. And then there is always laugher and new friendship coming from these moments of wisdom. In these moments of wisdom it is about being able to make conscious choices where nothing is right our wrong simply part of the path even with the bumps and stones I encounter.

The moments of wisdom I encounter come from a deep capacity to receive and be supported in a place that is free from any fear. These moments of wisdom come from my commitment to the self to explore what is possible and be safe as I find our way. These moments of wisdom come to me when I learn to live without fear. These are the holy moments that are all around me when I connect to the earth with my heart.


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